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Harmonised design that works in balance with the environment

About us

Known for the reliable delivery of specialist solutions on complex projects


ENJAZCO's legacy in delivering climate-resilient irrigation schemes stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainable development and improving livelihoods, even in the most challenging environments. With projects spanning remote regions across the globe, we have demonstrated our ability to implement large-scale irrigation systems that withstand the impacts of climate change while ensuring food security and economic prosperity for local communities.

Our approach to irrigation scheme development is founded on the principles of international best practices, drawing upon a wealth of expertise from our global network of professionals. From the initial planning stages to the final implementation and ongoing management, we apply rigorous standards to ensure the safe, secure, and sustainable supply of water resources.

In the planning phase, our multidisciplinary teams conduct comprehensive assessments of hydrological conditions, soil quality, and crop water requirements to design bespoke irrigation solutions tailored to the specific needs of each region. 


Our Expertise


We assess climatic and geological conditions to ensure irrigation solutions work in balance with existing ecosystems and the environment. Through meticulous assessment of interfacing surface and groundwater sources we design durable water supply systems that maintain water quality and enhance productivity.


ENJAZCO specialises in the design and implementation of best practice irrigation systems of all sizes, using proven and innovative methods to plan, size, optimise, control and prepare detailed designs of pump stations, large and small storage dams, pipe networks and open channel irrigation systems.


Our team has delivered national scale irrigation projects in developed and developing countries – rehabilitating existing systems, developing new infrastructure, and integrating irrigation opportunities into multipurpose renewable energy schemes.

Specialist capabilities


ENJAZCO’s capabilities in irrigation have been refined through research and development conducted in direct association with water and irrigation authorities and utility providers. Our specialist capabilities include:

  • Automation

  • Crop water and irrigation demand studies

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies

  • Irrigation and drainage infrastructure investigation and design

  • Irrigation infrastructure master planning and policy framework development

  • Irrigation infrastructure modernisation

  • Water Balance studies and water savings investigations

  • Water quality analysis and planning

  • Water use efficiency and productivity analysis

  • WRMIS, GIS modelling and decision support systems

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